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2019/06/30 16:53

InfoShare Tech Law Office (“ISLAW”) was founded in 2000 by professionals who are highly interested in advanced technology.  Our head office is in Taipei, northern Taiwan, and Kaoshiung Office was established in 2008 to serve clients in southern Taiwan.  As other firms in Taiwan, ISLAW provide general legal services covering major commercial fields.  Furthermore, we also focus on the study of upcoming legal issues of new technology to help our clients stepping into new fields.  We believe our mission is to share the outcome and result of professional study with all people through our website ( and publications, that's why we combined "information" and "sharing" to "InfoShare" as the name of our firm.


Since the inception of ISLAW, we were engaged in a lot of legal research projects hosted by governmental agencies, private institutes and ourselves.  The projects included research topics across naval and traditional commercial fields such as e-commerce, value-added internet service, protection of personal information, copyright disputes of digital works, trade-secret and intellectual property protection, protection of consumers, application of fair-trade law on financial industry, trademark infringement and protection, employment issues under knowledge-based economy, medical device development, patent biomaterial, etc.  Through the effort of our members for more than ten years, ISLAW has built up a reputation as a best team to challenge new legal issues in Taiwan.     



We are dedicated to study different legal issues and share professional information to people.  We therefore build up a very strong knowledge base that not only for research purpose but also satisfying the demand of our clients.



We have accumulated skills in the practice of commercial laws and litigation.  The performance and quality of our service is guaranteed and supported by our skills and professional attitude.



We have extensive experience in both litigation and non-litigation cases that make us capable to assist our clients to organize everything in a case and structure a best solution therefore.


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